Victor is a film director, alcoholic, unemployed and depressed since his wife passed away. He reads his nine-year-old son, Ingmar, scripts of the films he expects to shoot someday: a marvelous world of fantastic creatures, robots and impossible places, coming from the imagery of the hundreds of movies they have seen together. However, the real world seems to be an increasingly difficult place to live in.

Father and son will need to grow up … at the risk of having to leave their dreams behind.


YEAR: 2018


Directed by Zoe Berriatúa and Produced by Alex de la Iglesia, Carolina Bang and Kiko Martínez

Nominee. Best Music in a Feature Film, ISFMF Festival

Winner Best Music, Valencian Academy Awards of Spain (Premios del Audiovisual Valenciano)

Winner, Best Spanish Soundtrack, 18th MundoBSO Awards

Nominee, 33 GOYA Awards (Spanish Academy Awards), Best Original Score

Nominee, 2018 IFMCA Awards, Best Breakthrough Composer and Best Music for a Drama Film

Emotiva y sentida música, íntima y sencilla, con un tema principal con destacado empleo del piano (soledad) al que se suma la viola (dolor, ruptura). Es un tema que une afectivamente a padre e hijo, pero es quebrado, incompleto, como un jarrón roto de piezas que no pueden ser recompuestas


Into the stars” is one of those elegant and complex orchestral drama scores that for me can never fail, the work of a gifted composer who writes his own story, parallel to the one in the movie, with his music. There is an unmistakable golden age of orchestral film music vibe in this score with some endearing string and piano passages.

- Soundtrack Dreams -

“There is a grandness and a richness present throughout that is sadly lacking in many contemporary film scores

-Movie Music International-

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