YEAR: 2017


Documentary series


Recorded entirely in 4k format, it is a visual spectacle related to the tradition of great documentaries and offers a complete and surprising vision of the fauna, the biodiversity and the importance of the great forests for the life of the planet.

JUNGLE PLANET aims to be a worldwide reference for understanding the last great forests of the planet while claiming and celebrating these ecosystems and their inhabitants with the aim of sensitizing the public to the needs protecting and preserving them.

JUNGLE PLANET is the result of more than 2 years of filming in the most exotic and remote destinations on Earth: from the jungles of Borneo where the last orangutans live to  the mythical baobabs of Madagascar; from the frozen Finnish taiga where the brown bear hibernates to the South African bushveld of the mythical Kruger Park; from the jungles of Costa Rica and the forests of redwoods to the banks of the Danube’s river delta … and so on, through 12 countries spread throughout the world, among which Spain, and more specifically Andalusia and the Canaries, play a special role.