Le 22 mai 1985, Eugène sort de prison. Le même jour, alors qu’il se rend en bus à la plage celle de son enfance, un adolescent, Raphaël, s’assoit face à lui. Cette rencontre ne restera pas sans mots et sans regrets ...


YEAR: 2014


FILM by Olivier VIDAL & Sébastien MAGGIANI
Produced by Béatrice TROIN - Co produced by SO FILMS INDEPENDANTS

“Banda sonora dramática en la que la música expone simultáneamente el quiebro y la reconciliación, el del mismo personaje, con un bellísimo y también dolorido tema principal con protagonismo de un violoncelo de modulaciones cambiantes, hirientes y heridas en algunos momentos y liberadoras en otros. Es una melodía que el compositor emplea hábilmente para entrelazar el viaje del presente al pasado, y también del pasado al presente


This is the kind of score that gets to me no matter what mood I might be in. It’s made of moments and echoes that open a dark and appealing world in front of me. This is a sound I am familiar with and a sound I consider a close friend. We wouldn’t be able to communicate daily, but whenever we do I feel richer and more at peace. This score is for your unfinished memories… for those bookmarks in your life you always like to return to, for something that could have gone differently. Ivan Palomares guides us with care and without being loud. He just shines a dim and sharp musical light over the unresolved memories we might have.

- Soundtrack Dreams -

“When listening to LE VENT DES REGRETS it conjures up so many emotions and feelings the composer colouring in the blank canvas with so many shades and tones, the music draws the listener into a world that is filled with fragility and yet laced with darkness, it has to it an intimacy and purveys a pureness and innocence that is refreshing and beguiling.”

-Movie Music International-

SOUNDTRACK AVAILABLE ON CD AT KRONOS RECORDS: http://www.kronosrecords.com/K58.html