To the website of Ivan Palomares, a classically trained and versatile Composer, Conductor and Orchestrator.

He writes music for Television, Film, Commercials and Stageplays, does arrangements for artists and composes and conducts Contemporary Concert pieces.

His music has been aired in more than 130 countries through National Geographic and the Discovery Channel and received numerous awards worldwide, such as the prestigious Jerry Goldsmith award for best music in a documentary in 2009 and in 2012. In 2013 he won the Crystal Pine award for best music in the Samobor Film Music Festival.
His creative and passionate team of eminent directors, musicians and sound artists, has received more than 120 awards.

Ivan possesses extensive training and live experience as composer, arranger, orchestrator, conductor and mockupist for Videogames, Film, Television, songs, advertisement, with a customizable production design for every project, ranging from big symphonic music to small chamber ensembles, from Hollywood to avant garde music.

Below you will find a short video montage of our latest Symphonic Recording in Budapest


Ivan Palomares Recording Reel from Ivano on Vimeo.

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